What is Epsilon Options?

Epsilon Options is an options trading blog and education service provider, started in July 2012. The service started as a membership service, with trade alerts, but has recently been relaunched as a blog. 

Who runs Epsilon Options?

The service is owned and edited by me, Chris Young. I’m British by background but have worked in the US and lately in Australia. My interest in options was first aroused by the ‘Trading Options’ section of the Financial Times (of London) as I did my paper round as a boy.

The exotic talk of calls, puts, straddles, butterflies etc of the option world plus the mathematical properties of these weird and wonderful beasts have intrigued me ever since. A mathematics degree and 18 years finance experience later I decided to bring this knowledge to a wider audience and founded Epsilon Options in 2012.

How do I join?

Well, there’s no need to join to read the various articles on the site. Feel free to browse the articles/posts.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you (please do post comments or get in touch with any questions).



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