Learn Stock Options Trading

So why would you want to learn stock option trading?

Aren’t options risky bets for just savvy professionals? Well, no, they are actually the ultimate low capital vehicle for retail investors to make money in any market.

Unlike stocks, options allow you to profit from any view you have about what the market, or a particular share, will do. Not just whether it will go up.

Think the market will go down? Then learn to trade stock options and profit from any market fall (by, for example, buying a put option). Or perhaps you are more experienced and want to bet that the volatility of a share, how much it moves, is underpriced by the options market. Well, you can by using options.

Learning to combine options positions gives you even more flexibility. Complex strategies with exotic names such as condors, straddles and butterflies can be constructed to express any market view. So learn stock option trading and profit in all market conditions.

Options can be used to hedge some of you existing positions too. Have you got a nice stock portfolio which you’d like to ‘insure’ against a big fall? Well trading options – by putting on a zero cost collar for example –offers a way to do this. Learn stock option trading so you know how.

Here at Epsilon Options we teach you the what, why and the how of options trading. Whatever your experience we can assist you.

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